It all began with a beautiful pair of silk knickers. I was living in New York City, working as an interiors photographer, and they arrived as a gift on my doorstep. They were sumptuous. Liquid gold. Every stitch, every fold— simply exquisite. But I tried them on… and they were the most uncomfortable and unflattering pants I had ever worn. 

How could so much care and attention be put into something that failed so utterly? They just didn’t do the job they were made to do… and I was instantly inspired to design a knicker collection. It was impulsive but I sold so many so quickly that I started getting calls from my brother. “Hey what about me and the boys?” He was fussy about what he wanted but he was right. Nearly 20 years later my ultra-comfortable boxers with their silk lined fly are still one of my best selling products.

More comments wafted my way. You cannot do knickers without bras, they said. Bras are complicated: they either work for you or they really don’t. They need to be tried on — there’s no way around it — and in this new world of internet shopping that’s not straightforward. But I have a loyal following in those who don’t want to wear anything else but my bras.

Then came the Bardot shirt, my beloved Bardot. “You cannot make silk shirts if you are a lingerie brand” said the chorus but it was such a good shirt that I made it anyway. Years later I am still selling it to very happy punters. I went on to do more shirts and ‘blouses’ in five sizes. Five sizes of shirts is more fun than twenty-four sizes of bra!

A few years later, I had an urge to go into cashmere, the ultimate in comfort, and I developed exclusive production runs of cashmere jumpers. Stars! Angels! Zig-zags! We had a blast. Cashmere is not economically sensible but it was too exciting to miss … and I always trust my gut. It has been the most fun yet and it has brought so many smiles that I am sorely tempted to expand the design offerings.

I follow an unconventional way of doing things but I have a loyal following of people that can relate to lazy femininity. They know that the same shirt can make you feel fabulous whether it’s for the office environment or down the pub. Your pants can go from the yoga class to the hot date, be exciting AND comfortable. People have said over the years “I always have a good night if I am out in your hot pink pants Pom!”

Whether you are tall or small, big or slight, young or old, I hope you can find something that works for you and if you don’t ~ let me know what you are needing… I love to hear it! 

Pom Lampson x